Let's harness the power of social media to create social change.

Our creators have worked with brands like Sony, Casper, Skims, Everclear, Magic Spoon, Mejuri, Charlotte Tilbury, Vessi, Lululemon, Drybar, Miniso, Bo+tee, Emergen-C, London Drugs, Lipton, Ziploc, Fitness World, Neo Financial and so many more!

From fashion, to finance to food and restaurants, apparel, skincare, footwear, or apps and technology, Audacity Media Group is designed to connect you with influential and impactful people who already have the attention of the audiences you serve.

Our custom and creative approach to marketing is intrinsic to our company values, and we view our team as an extension of yours.

We are here to connect you with likeminded creators that have their finger on the pulse, to create compelling content for your brand, and to help you manage digital advertising on social media.

Building bridges between your brand and your community. 

Our Services: Tailor made for your socials and success.

Audacity Media offers our clients social media content solutions and influencer marketing services that go the distance. We start our process with a complimentary discovery call & brand audit. Reach out for our detailed packages that range from Tiers 1 through 3, or VIP.

Our UGC & Influencer Marketing Packages start with:

  • Connecting you to a creator that aligns
  • Crafting a mutually beneficial agreement
  • Executing a contract with clear deliverables

Add ons available for both packages include:

  • Script writing for your videos with direct sales marketing copy that converts
  • Analytics reports to track success
  • Retainer options for ongoing monthly content for your socials
  • Social media audits to create a strategic content calendar that includes UGC and influencer posts

Our VIP Package:

We will leverage our expertise in digital advertising to implement strategic ad campaigns on your behalf. We will manage ad creation and optimization, tracking and reporting, audience targeting, and competitive analysis to keep you ahead of the curve and focused on what you do best.

Contact us for detailed and custom package options and a discovery call to get you started!


Why choose us?

We are obsessed with underscoring what makes people, brands, and stories different. We love to learn what makes you, YOU, and use that differentiator to get attention.

We partner with creators and brands that we feel are carving out a name in this world through bold, innovative, audacious narratives that make for what we have coined, dialogue-inducing content. Our goal is to build bridges and bonds between creators and brands that apart, are already impactful, but together, are unstoppable.

Our content serves various missions, such as:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Strengthening brand image
  • Increased engagement & interaction
  • Improved conversions

At Audacity, it is our goal to not only meet these ends, but to go a step further. We aim to create campaigns that affect social change, and to tell stories that reflect our beautiful and diverse world.

Ultimately, we are here to authentically amplify your message.

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