What We Do.

Everything starts with your business plan and marketing strategy.  We research your market, industry and niche to find hidden opportunities for the taking and give you tangible steps you can take to build your brand. We go one step further by offering in-house support with our content solutions and advertising expertise.

We work with you to strategize, create, and implement an organic content strategy or paid ads for your brand. We work with our team of experienced creators and digital experts to achieve your marketing and advertising goals in an audacious and attention-grabbing fashion!

Besides developing a comprehensive and custom business plan and marketing strategy, we can help you:

  • Find creators that align with your brand
  • Connect you to influencers in your space
  • Create a content strategy for social media
  • Facilitate campaigns with creators
  • Research competing ads in your space
  • Run, measure and optimize your paid ads
  • Provide you with ongoing content solutions as you grow & scale your brand

Audacity Media Solutions is designed to facilitate positive, impactful relationships that deliver results.  With our curated pool of talented creators and digital experts, we handpick the perfect team to bring your vision to life. From content creation to managing your organic and paid campaigns, we ensure that every dollar of your advertising budget is maximized for your success.

Our commitment to tailored, creative, and audacious solutions coupled with our expertise and industry insights will give you an edge, and help you achieve your marketing objectives and brand goals.

Let’s get creative together.  Contact us today.

How We Do It?  

Once your business plan and marketing strategy are complete, we follow this simple 3-step process:

  • Creative Brief: We audit your current marketing and content strategy, identify your brand positioning and goals, and develop new solutions to implement.
  • Content Strategy: We dial in on an omnichannel plan of action to implement organic content, paid ads, or both, on the platforms that best suit your brand, and choose top creators and digital experts to execute.
  • Implementation: We create, manage and track the content and ads we produce on your behalf, and continuously refine our strategy based on the data we collect, in order to optimize your ROI.

We will research your competitors to identify top-performing ads and content in order to build a winning creative strategy that competes and converts in your space! It's simple, results-based and streamlined. 

You want content and ads that actually produce results that attract, warm and convert your target audience. We work with you, as an extension of your brand, to achieve your digital and content marketing goals.

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What makes us different

Our boutique advertising agency was designed to cater to those who dare to be different. We partner with brands who have a strong message, and aren’t afraid to take calculated risks. It’s in our name: audacity is about being bold and colouring outside the lines. Our creators and experts have been around the digital block, and understand the small nuances that signal synergy between the creative and the strategic. We work with you to strike that balance on your behalf, and make magic for your brand. 

We believe in the clients and creators that we have on our team, and together we are carving out our vision and victories for brands big and small.  

So why the poppies...

A Poppy for Nick Project

As Canadians, we seek to help one another, especially those of us who have fallen on hard times. The opiate crisis is just that: a CRISIS. As Vancouverites specifically, we all wish we could do something, anything, to help our hardest hit communities.

At Audacity Media, we have made it our mission to give a portion of our profits to organizations helping to fight the opiate crisis on the frontlines, everyday. When you work with us, you are participating in that mission, and as such, we thank you.

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